Member Programs

As a JALA member,  you can participate in our monthly programs as part of your membership.  To learn about how to become a member, visit our membership page.


May – Financial Planning with Matt Snodgrass
April – Brian Nyberg from the Morgan County Code Department
March – Airserve
February – Brian Horbeek, Landlord Bookkeeping 101
January – Chad Davidsmeyer, Appealing your real estate taxes


November – Bill Williams, How to identify asbestos and what to do about it.
October – Kaylob Tang, I3 Broadband (fiber optic) coming to Jacksonville
September – Brian Hornbeek, Tax implications of selling and 1031 exchanges
August – Chuck McNeely, 1031 exchanges, 5-day notices, Collections
July – Chad Davidsmeyer, A look at the website
June – Melissa Calloway and Carol Kulek, Ameren programs offered to landlords
May – Best practices when tenants are moving in and out.
April – Compare Insurance Rates! Members were invited to compare insurance rates on their rental houses
March – Brooke Wankel, Morgan County Eviction Process
February – Eddie Carpenter, C.O.D vs rent to own
January – Chad Davidsmeyer, Appealing real estate taxes


December – Social
November – Meeting canceled due to weather
October – Trey Hopkins, Morgan County Health Department
September – Joel Buchanan, B-Dry, water proofing basements
August – Linda Jones, service animals and emotional/therapeutic animals
July – Group Discussion
June – Social at Buena Vista
May – Mike Armour, Quorum Consulting
April – Greg Crocher , Express Employment Professionals
March – Matt Summers, Fire codes and regulations
February – Blake Sybert, Wild animal removal
January – Chad Davidsmeyer, Appealing real estate taxes


December – Christmas Social
November – Mick Prince, IL Home Weatherization Assistance Program
October – CD Davidsmeyer, Q and A
September – Larry Hemmingway, Legal Shield
August – Tami Lonergan, MCS programs
July – Group discussion: pros and cons of renting to college students
June – Summer Social
May – Brooke Wankel, eviction process
April – Steve Hembrough, landscaping for landlords
March – Sean Ramsey, IL State Police, safety when showing properties
February – Phil Weigand, insurance for landlords
January – Jenna Tucker, LLCs


December – Christmas social
November – Bret Wade, tips on taking pictures for web site
October – Steve Varble, New web site
September – Linda Jones, Section 8
August – Tim Slaughterbach, Value pricing/bulk purchasing
July – Margie Bryant, Code Enforcement
June – Summer Social
May – Jeff Haggerty, Mice and Rats
April – Adam Mefford, Chief of Police
March – Shawn Artis, Morgan Maps
February – Group discussion of applicant screening
January – Everett Grady, Patriot’s Home Project


December – Christmas Social
November – Tim Slaughterbach, Home Depot Pro Account
October – Michael White, Trash Queen and Jeff Haggerty, Bed Bugs
September – Morgan County, Duane Friend, Raydon
August – Area Disposal Service
July – Quick Jon by Zoeller Pump Co. and discussion about the website
June – Summer Social
May – Group Discussion
April – Ameren Illinois Property Management
March – Tom Herndon, Window World
February – Linda Meece, CPA, Tax Info for Landlords
January – Ginny Fanning, Morgan County Commissioner


December – Christmas Social
November – Central Illinois Drug Task Force
October – Carrie Magerl, Attorney, Evictions, Collections, Court Proceedings
September – Dale Bainter, Morgan County Health Department
August – Membership Hints and Landlord Best Practices
July – Fred Clinton, Bedbugs
June – B.G. Asphalt, Sealing driveways
May – Acton
April – Les Ballinger, Jville Street Department
March – Shawn Artis,
February – Appealing Real Estate Taxes
January – Home Energy Solutions


December – Christmas Social
November – Gordon Jumper, Landlord Tax Issues
October – John Buchanan, One Cent Sales Tax Issue
September – Teresa Lonergan, Circuit Clerk
August – Sally Long, Water Department
July – Ameren IP
June – MCHA, Section 8 Program
May – Mayor Andy Ezard
April – Buchheits
March – Sherwin Williams
February – Home Depot
January – Randy Duvendack, Eviction Process


Christmas Gathering
JALA Website Tutorial
Dick Sample, S Jvile Inspection Dept.
Mike Oldenettle, IL Realtors Association
Concerns about Alderman Addonis Shaw
Katie Phelps, Code Department
In House Business
Brittany Henry, JVCB
Rick Kluge, Fire Department Chief
Jimmy Duncan, Zoning Commission


Nancy Anderson, Tax Assessor’s Office
Pat Daniels,IL Emergency Management Agency: Radon
Clear Choice Windows
Larry Johnissee: For Your Floors
Jodee Nell: U. S. Bank
Chad Davidsmeyer: Landlord/Tenant Law
JALA Website
Ginny Fanning: Chamber of Commerce
Christmas Dinner and Social
Brainstorm Program Ideas


Christmas Dinner and Social
Lauren Pocock, Security Deposits
Tim Minor, Prepaid Legal
Mike Sheehan, New Tax Laws
Judy Tighe, Restoring Old Houses
Northwest Insurance
John Sharp, Property Taxpro
Identifying and Eradicating Bed Bugs


Lead Based Paint
Bruce Selway, Lead Paint
Pat Ward, Low Maintenance Landscaping
New Member Packets
Insurance for Rentals


Eric Frietag, Electrician
Amy Jackson, Adjudicator
Web Master
Thermal Imaging
MCS Weatherization
Sex Offenders


Pests in Rentals
Jim Hill Water/trash orders
Ameren, Landlord Direct
Municipal Court
Property Inspections


Gorgon Jumper, taxes for rentals
John Seis, Web site
Ameran, Landlord Direct
Aldermen, Fines on Blighted Properties
Jim Hill Inspections
Fred Clinton, Self Inspections
Club Disbarment


Kelly Hall, Adjudication Process
Fred Clinton, IL Rental Assistance Program
Steve Poole, Neighborhood Pride
Rollee Canton, Home Depot, Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Jville Police, Meth Labs
Ledy Van Kavge, Legalities of Pets in Rental properties


Bob Bonjean, Eviction Process
Don Harris, IL Community Action Development Group
Set Goals for the Year
Lynn Preston, Tenant Screening
Gordon Jumper, Taxes and Record Keeping


Sally Long, Water Department
Linda Jones, Section 8
Dan Little, Il Home Weatherization Project
Teddy Rammelkamp, Legal Issues
Susan Woods, Loans for Investment Properties
Steve Poole, Neighborhood Watch
Tom Grojean, Home Rule
Mark Dawdy, Web Site


Mayor Ron Tendick
Setting Goals
Developing Membership