About JALA

The Landlord’s Association is a group of men and women who own rental property and meet regularly to share knowledge, ideas, and concerns regarding property issues as they relate to owners and tenants.  Through this process, we hope to create a better marketplace for the tenant, landlord, and all those associated with the residential rental process.  Whether you are a new landlord or more experienced, whether you own one unit or multiple units, we welcome you to visit one of our meetings and consider joining our association.

If you are interested in joining or learning more about the Jacksonville Area Landlord’s Association, contact Anne Jackson at 217-243-1409 (home), 217-248-5416 (cell), or email contact-us@jville4rent.net.  You can find our application here: JALA Membership.

Dues can now be paid online:
Pay Dues Online

We typically meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM at the Grandstand, Morgan County Fairgrounds, 110 N Westgate Ave, Jacksonville, IL 62650. For more information please feel free to call 217-243-1409 or 217-248-5416. If you have 1-15 units, membership dues are $45; if you have 16 or more units, dues are $55.


The Jacksonville Area Landlord’s Association was formed in June of 2003 as a result of the City’s Comprehensive Plan and the formation of the neighborhood stabilization committee’s initiative to revitalize properties in the Jacksonville area. Our initial purpose was to share information, educate members, work with the city, reduce costs, and work toward the betterment of housing standards in the area. One of our goals is to help all members stay 100% rented. On January 8th, 2004 we fine-tuned our purpose by formally adopting the following mission statement:
The Jacksonville Area Landlord’s Association will promote and advance the common good and general welfare of the Jacksonville area residents by constructing, acquiring, owning, leasing, and renting properties for the use and benefit of persons that are safe, decent, sanitary, affordable and free from discrimination.

In early 2005 we adopted the following: All members of the Jacksonville Area Landlord’s Association shall strive to maintain Section 8 Codes and Standards in all of their rental properties.

We currently have 75+ members and are part of the Chamber of Commerce.

Our officers include:
President: Brian Hornbeek
Vice President: Brooke Wiegand
Secretary: Anne Jackson
Treasurer: Mike McKean

Our Chamber representative, website contact, and Membership chairman is Anne Jackson.

Our GOALS include: increasing membership, meeting regularly with city officials, having a program at every meeting, increasing publicity, developing by-laws, training members to self-inspect for HQS (Housing Quality Standards), ongoing web site development, coordinating efforts with the city adjudicator to aid landlords in meeting the city’s codes Our ACCOMPLISHMENTS to date include: developing a web site (no cost to members to advertise vacant properties), a strong core group of members, a network of information sharing to help keep all members 100% rented, the constant sharing of preferred vendors and contractors who do good work at low/special rates, and membership in the Jacksonville Area Chamber of Commerce.